Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bad Week

Am currently having a pretty bad week, which started off with my right leg getting swollen up an ended with my purse (constant back pocket companion for last 3 years) and my mobile (Nokia 6630 - the oh so useful - but bulky phone) being stolen :(.

Though my mobile was my cherished (and costly ) one among the lot which was stolen, my purse contained valuables like my bank cards and to my utter dismay, my pan card ,some important visiting cards (which I don't have any sort of recollection of) etc.

My Nokia 6630 was a well and truly useful Phone. I had it with me for almost 2 years and it never failed me (except sometimes with its annoying hang-ups). I would consider that phone to be the most used phone at least in my friends circle. By using I don't mean I talked a lot on that phone, on the contrary I used it more for other uses and less for talking!.

The major usage of those would be using it as a modem for my PC when I get home. During those times the phone was heavily used because sometimes I used to put downloads for 2-days on end with that meager connection. Also when my laptop was not available , my mobile acted as my laptop as I had all the software’s like Yahoo messenger, Fring , Google (maps , mail ) ,Opera etc installed and used for days on end. Earlier I used to have live cricket scrollers on the phone until the networks were barred to do so. It also was my only source of music on my travels, and I even had watched two movies on that itsy-bitsy screen. Using Fring I had even called up my friend using VOIP which even though was slow was kind of exhilarating sometimes. Not to mention the "Mau-Mau" game which was a hit among my team mates during the boring on site walkthrough's (sigh!). I also remember astounding my friends by playing the radio in places where radio network was not available (using radio software’s like Mundu radio) and also doing some nifty bank transactions logging on to ICICI banking site through the mobile.
In my old company it even used to sync to my office mail account and all the meetings used to schedule to my mobile and reminders given before 15 min on my phone. I even remember one trip from my office where I had emailed pics of the trip immediately, back to colleagues who couldn't make to the trip using the phone.

The list goes on how much my mobile had made my life easier and productive. I had wished to give it a decent goodbye (was planning to exchange it for a newer N-Series phone) but alas my wish was in vain.

So adieu my good old companion, may you live out rest of your life with someone worthy, someone who knows your true potential and will treat you with care as I did

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google Docs & Spreadsheets - create PDF on the fly

Finally It has arrived, though not a "Office Killer" but a very huge step towards it by Google.

Check out "Google Docs & Spreadsheets" ( ,
which is provided by "Writely" (see my previous post) acquired by Google 6 months ago.

It provides a neat interface and a variety of saving options of which the "Save as PDF" feature really caught my eye. Now we have the option to create our own PDF documents whenever we want , anywhere we want !!! Besides that other saving options also are pretty standard.

Another notable feature is the way Google organizes our online documents. Now you can save documents through this interface rather than as attachments in email.

Also the collabarative document sharing provided makes online access to collabarative documents an easy task.

Microsoft has to learn a lot from this, lets see how they come around this one!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Google Word Processor

Today another peice of news intresting about Google is that "Google acquires Upstartle" (See News).

What does this mean ? Who's Upstartle??

Well they are the company behind "Writely - The Web Word Processor" (see Link) , which offers document processing capabilities on the web.That is its almost like "MS Word" on net .The difference is that you dont have to install word or Office for that matter to create your documents.
Writely also helps to share documents via email or save them to desktop or even store it in their server.While most companies wont prefer the latter ..the saving to desktop part will intrest most users due to security issues.

So does this mean End of Word?

I dont think so , last heard Microsoft is also planning a similar "Office Live" which avails word processing capabilities on the Net.

Either way its sure that a new age in softwares are shaping up ,centred on the web

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Googled Again !!

Last week (to be specific FEB 2) I was surprised by Google again. I donno whether this was a coincidence or another of google's technological advances, but whatever it is I was simply awestruck .

Here's how the story goes....
Our network had an attack of the dreaded 'Win32/Mywife.E@mm ' virus during the 3'rd week of January.I must say that the guy who wrote is pretty good because ,not only was this worm a headache becase of the way it infected the systems,but also destructive because it rendered all major antivirus sytems useless.The worm was a serious problem and somehow AVG reported the worm to be 'GENERIC.FX Worm" before it breathed its last.So I went upon a bloodhound search on Google to find out wht this worm was and found out to my dismay that it was a very common worm,but I knew this was not the case as the worm which infected our network was much more severe.I gave up my search in despair after aout 3-4 hours after searching a plethora of sites like Norton and Mcafee.We finally managed to conatin the virus by using a firewall and block out the infection one by one.But i was dissapointed that i couldnt find the name or details of the virus which had caused so much trouble.

Cut to FEB 2

On morning of FEB 2 I opened Gogle News (which i have made up as a habit) and lo ! in my personalised news section,what do I find first ? News about 'Win32/Mywife.E@mm ' and how it is infecting millions of system worldwide.I was at first surprised, but when i checked it out, I found that this was exactly the same worm which affected our network weeks ago.Also was the News that the worm will delete files from the HDD on FEB 2 which was the next day !!. Alarmed I searched in Google with 'Win32/Mywife.E@mm ' (atleast I had a name this time) and found out a removal tool from Symantec.Then I used the tool to scan and remove the virus from my system,which if I had not done at that day would have been a tragedy.This would not have been possible if i didnt kno the name of the worm at all.

So DID Google using their search tracking (which i had turned on) found out that I HAD SEARCHED for the symptom of the virus (ie. zip files in folders, antivrus crashing etc)and returned me with a name of the virus and that too a day before the Infection would have been deadly ??? .or was this just a pure coincidence ??
I am amazed by this possiblity if this was indeed one, that Google had actually tracked my search and alerted me intelligentaly based on the context of my search.This would mean a whole new era in the way search engines handle searches ,ie not only the keywords ,but also the content and context of search was tracked and relevant information was passed on to users.This would mean that not only the words we type will be being searched ,but the meanining and context of the words will also be used to give us a relevant information. That would mean something on the lines of searching "Who is the president of USA" and returning not only with pages containing the keywords ,but also the the pages containing the president's name in them. That is the holy grail I hope the search engines like Google will aim for sure !!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why i started a blog

Two words Free Time !!!! (actually is it One word??)

To be more serious, I am much intrested in technology ,I also try to keep up with it as much as I can. But i have found that its a rat race as I cant keep up with it.

So why blog then ?? and that too on technology ??
Its just because I think I might try to keep up with technology more if I want to write something in this blog .....hehe

I am also an admirer of Google and the way they handle technology.And with the all the tools they provide to start our own blog ,its criminal not to do so..

Talking about google, guys please check out the new google toobar at -

Though its in the beta version its a serious upgrade from your own toolbar..

more about it on the next blog ..

First post

me start blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!